NC - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Adams School of Dentistry (UNC)
            Supplemental questions location: AADSAS and emailed to all applicants.
            Required for all applicants:
            ●	Please describe your interest in choosing University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry for your dental education. (1500 characters)
            ●	We all have unique values, aspiration, and a sense of purpose that define who we are and how we live. What is your personal mission? Describe how your personal mission and professional goals align. (250 words)
            ●	Comment on your ability to work with a team, both as a leader and as a productive team member. (250 words)
            ●	The dental patient population is becoming more diverse with time. Share your experiences working with diverse groups of people. (250 words)
            ●	Communication is key in modern healthcare. Share your skill set, experiences, and strengths/weaknesses in communication. This may include experiences in expository writing, public speaking, drama/acting, debate, etc. (250 words)
            ●	Comment on your college course performance. (250 words)
            ●	Comment on your DAT performance. (250 words)
            ●	What have you done to explore dentistry as a career? (no character/word limit)
            Applicant’s choice, choose one out of the two:
            ●	Accessing dental care, for a variety of reasons, is a challenge for many Americans. In your opinion, what role should dentists play in addressing this issue? (250 words)
            ●	Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced. How was it resolved and how might this experience influence your future career or your time as a dental student? (250 words)
            Applicant’s choice, choose one out of the two:
            ●	Describe a meaningful experience you have had either in a clinical encounter or with a dental role model. What did you learn and how will this influence the type of clinician you will become? (250 words) 
            ●	Describe a time when you have faced conflict. How did you work to resolve it? (250 words)
            Applicant’s choice, choose one out of the two:
            ●	Describe a time when you experienced failure. How did this change you? (250 words) 
            ●	Describe a time when you worked on a team to solve a problem or develop a project. What did you learn about the challenges faced by teams? (250 words)