ME - University of New England College of Dental Medicine (UNE)  
            Supplemental questions location: AADSAS.
            Required for all applicants:
            ●	Why do you want to attend a dental school with a mission grounded in public health? (3000 characters)
            ●	Please describe a healthcare or social issue that you are passionate about, and explain why. What role can you play in addressing this issue? (3000 characters)
            ●	How has your background and experience prepared you to contribute to an environment that holds diversity as a core value? How do you see yourself demonstrating a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a dental student and future dentist? (3000 characters)
            Required for applicants that have not met shadowing hour requirements, optional otherwise:
            ●	How have you engaged with the dental profession during the pandemic? (3000 characters)