IA - University of Iowa College of Dentistry (UI) 
            Supplemental questions location: AADSAS.
            Required for all applicants:
            ●	Why do you feel that you are well prepared for a career in the dental profession? (2000 characters)
            ●	Tell us about a time your integrity was challenged. (2000 characters)
            ●	Besides dentistry, what are you passionate about? (2000 characters)
            ●	Share obstacles that you may have overcome to achieve your goals. (2000 characters)
            ●	In which type of community or setting would you like to practice? (2000 characters)
            ●	How do you plan to use your dental education after you graduate? (2000 characters)
            ●	Why the University of Iowa College of Dentistry? (2000 characters)
            Required for applicants who answer they are part of a community that is underserved:
            ●	Please elaborate. (2000 characters)