CA - University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry (UCSF)
            Supplemental questions location: AADSAS.
            Required for all applicants:
            ●	What is important to you in selecting a dental school? How will you make your decision about which school to attend? (1500 characters)
            ●	Why do you want to join the UCSF community? Please state briefly how you will contribute to the UCSF School of Dentistry. (1500 characters)
            Optional for all applicants:
            ●	Please use this space to tell us anything additional that you believe is relevant to your application. (5000 characters)
            Required for applicants interested in the DDS-PhD program:
            ●	If you intend to apply to the DDS/PhD program, you must submit an additional essay below which outlines your reasons for your interest in the DDS/PhD program. Your application will not be considered for the joint program if you do not supply this additional essay. If you selected "no", please enter "N/A" (1600 characters)