CA - Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLU)
            Supplemental questions location: emailed to all applicants.
            Required for all applicants:
            ●	Tell us what characteristics of Linda Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education. (4000 characters)
            ●	Discuss how your spiritual origins, development, and experience have influenced and been integrated into your daily life. (4000 characters)
            ●	Tell us the desirable qualities that you see in yourself that you believe would aid us in considering your application. (4000 characters)
            ●	LLU believes deeply in integrated values into the educational experience. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe that a faith based education would be a special benefit to you. (4000 characters)
            ●	As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, LLU has lifestyle expectations which include abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug/substances in all forms while enrolled. If you are accepted to Loma Linda university, are you willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of the university while enrolled? (4000 characters)